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The Challenge 

Southeastern Minnesota is experiencing unemployment rates at a record low resulting in some industries having more job openings than applicants. The economy is nearing a tipping a point with the potential of stalling if the need for talent is not addressed.  Adding to the complexity of low unemployment rates is the concern of underemployment within some communities.  We believe it will be through these communities that we will meet the needs of the employer market .    

Key Components

Students who enter the Bridges to Careers program work in partnership with a Career Navigator to identify and address potential barriers they may have to  going to school or attaining a successful and rewarding career. 

Students take college prep courses through  Adult Basic Education to ensure success in future educational endeavors. Essential skills are addresses such as reading, writing, math, and technology courses, as well as career-specific classes.  

Bridges to Careers offer College Transition Advisors to aid students who continue their coursework at Rochester Community & Technical College . The Transition Specialist assists them with the application, registration, financial aid processes, and provides a support structure where the student can succeed.